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Connect, engage, and discover career opportunities in energy
Telus Convention Centre - Calgary, Canada

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One Full Day

Two Full Days Two Full Days
Unlimited Access to the Exhibition Included Included Included
Unlimited Access to the Programming Included Included Included
Access to the Activation Zones Included Included Included
Connect-Up Career Mixer on Day 1 Included on Day 1* Included on Day 1 Included on Day 1
Resume Upload (Allowing Exhibitors Access Prior To and During the Show) - - Included


*The Connect-Up Career Mixer will be hosted on day 1, September 19 so access to the reception will ONLY be available if you attend the first day








Activation Zone


The Activation Zone is designed to provide you with valuable resources and opportunities to enhance your career prospects in the energy sector. Whether you're a high-level engineer or a recent graduate, we have everything you need to polish your resume, upgrade your skills, and gain insights from industry experts to find your dream job.

Each zone will feature a different activation:



LinkedIn Corner

Engage in one-on-one consultations with our experts who will offer personalized advice tailored to your goals. They will help you create a compelling and professional profile that showcases your skills, accomplishments, and aspirations, making you stand out to potential employers and industry influencers.





Resume Check Zone

Step into a dedicated area where our team of experienced professionals is ready to provide you with valuable feedback and insights to enhance your resume. Bring your resume and receive personalized guidance from our experts. They will review your resume for clarity, structure, and overall impact.





Next Gen Lounge

Share ideas, knowledge and opportunities among peers! Expand your network within the energy community and create valuable connections, and explore potential career prospects. Interact with hiring managers and recruiters from prominent companies within the sector. Learn about organizations and gain insights into the skills and qualifications companies are seeking in candidates.




One Minute Headshot Hub

We understand the importance of a polished and captivating headshot for your LinkedIn profile or professional resume, and we're here to provide you with a high-quality photography experience. Our team of experienced photographers is ready to help you put your best face forward.






The 2-day programming will focus on three core pillars to help engage companies hiring in the energy sector to individuals seeking to build a successful and exciting career for the future. Key pillars include:


Implementing New Strategies to Attract and Retain Workers

Listen to which energy companies are placing utmost importance on the next generation by actively succession planning and creating strategies for knowledge transfer. Discover what formal programs are being put in place to challenge the retirement exodus and replace with younger workers. Explore what governments are doing to encourage skilled immigration.


Hiring for the Energy Transition

Find out who is hiring in the Canadian energy sector that is prioritizing growth in new projects including decarbonization, CCUS and Hydrogen projects. What new skill sets will be in the highest demand as the energy sector continues to evolve? Learn from meeting the companies that are actually leading the exciting energy transformation underway in the Canadian market, ask questions and advance your knowledge towards your next career move!

Taking Diversity and Inclusion Seriously and Authentically

Hear from organizations that are putting the worker first, focusing on a cultural revolution that is listening to what people want. Diversity and inclusion will be at the forefront, as well as navigating new challenges including flexible working hours and work-from-anywhere. Companies that are breaking the mold by hiring more women than ever before in leadership roles will be showcased, as well as companies putting a priority on Indigenous hires.

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